​Feb 16th The Hurricane Karaoke

Feb 17th Drop 35

Feb 23rd The Hurricane Karaoke

Feb 24th Tony Fields and Doug Decker

Mar 2nd Kit LeBlanc and Paul Freeburn

Mar 3rd Cheap Dates

Mar 9th and 10th TYPO

Mar 16th The Hurricane Karaoke

Mar 17th Hair Mania (ST PADDY'S PARTY!!)

Mar 23rd Plain Jayne

Mar 24th Out of Favor Boys

Mar 30th Big Boss Blues

Mar 31st Tony Fields and Doug Decker

Apr 6th Allie Garland

Apr 7th Jarod Knox Band

Apr 13th Erika Scherry Band

Apr 14th DC-90

Apr 20th Lipstick and Whiskey

Apr 21st TBA

Apr 27th Dani and Garrett Jamerson

Apr 28th Run 4 Cover

May 4th and 5th TYPO (CINCO DE MAYO PARTY!!)


May 12th Megan Rae Band

May 17th Dani Jamerson (FIRST BIKE NIGHT!!)

May 18th Plain Jayne

May 19th Drop 35

May 24th Kyle Jennings (BIKE NIGHT)

May 25th Out Of Favor Boys

May 26th TBA

May 31st Allie Garland (BIKE NIGHT)

June 1st Barefoot Blonde

June 2nd Hair Mania

June 8th Tony Fields and Doug Decker

June 9th TBA

June 15th TBA

June 16th Run 4 Cover

Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars! There’s some fun to be had!!

Call us at 269-731-4911 or 269-348-3026 to plan your special event.

Join us for Bike Night on Thursday's from 6-9 pm throughout the summer!