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Mark your calendars! There’s some fun to be had!!

From graduation dinners, wedding rehearsals,

class reunions birthdays & more -

we have the perfect spot for your group!

Call us at 269-731-4911 or email jen@thedockatbayview.com to plan
your special event with us! 



R 6/1 BIKE NIGHT: Barefoot Blonde 6-9pm

F 6/2: Crazy Mic 9-1am

S 6/3: Trapped on Mars 9-1am

R 6/8 BIKE NIGHT: His Boy Elroy 6-9pm

F 6/9: Barefoot Blonde 9-1am

S 6/10: Tony & Doug 9-1am ($5 cover)

R 6/15 BIKE NIGHT: On The Back 9 6-9pm

F 6/16: OOFB 9-1am

S 6/17: Special Guest Band 9-1am

R 6/22 BIKE NIGHT: Bronk Brothers 6-9pm

F 6/23: Run 4 Cover 9-1am

S 6/24: Run 4 Cover 9-1am

R 6/29 BIKE NIGHT: Kyle Jennings 6-9pm

F 6/30: Chick & The Boomers 9-12am


S 7/1: Project 90 ($5 cover) 9-1am

R 7/6 BIKE NIGHT: Alex Mays 6-9pm

F 7/7: The King Brothers

S 7/8: Barefoot Blonde 9-1am

R 7/13 BIKE NIGHT: The Kennedy Affair 6-9pm

F 7/14: Rock RX 9-1am

S 7/15: Jenuine Band 9-1am ($5 cover)

R 7/20 BIKE NIGHT: Jake Stevens Duo 6-9pm

F 7/21: Barefoot Blonde 9-1am

S 7/22: Special Guest Band 9-1am

R 7/27 BIKE NIGHT: Crazy Mic Duo 6-9pm

F 7/28: Old Hank's Son 9-1am

S 7/29: Rusty and The Nails 9-1am


R 8/3 BIKE NIGHT: Brothers Proper 6-9pm

F 8/4: Tony & Doug 8-12am ($5 cover)

S 8/5: OOFB 9-1am

R 8/10 BIKE NIGHT: Rae of Light 6-9pm

F 8/11: Denise Anderson Band 9-1am

S 8/12: TBD

R 8/17 BIKE NIGHT: Bronk Brothers 6-9pm

F 8/18: TBD

S 8/19: Trapped on Mars 9-1am

R 8/24 BIKE NIGHT: OOFB 6-9pm

F 8/25: Crazy Mic Band 8-12am

S 8/26: TBD

R 8/31 BIKE NIGHT: Alex Mays 6-9pm






Please contact Jen to book music with us


🏍Bike Night Entertainment 2023 🏍

**no patches / no colors**


6/1: Barefoot Blonde

6/8: His Boy Elroy

6/15: On The Back 9

6/22: Bronk Brothers

6/29: Kyle Jennings


7/6: Alex Mays

7/13: The Kennedy Affair

7/20: Jake Stevens Duo

7/27: Crazy Mic Duo


8/3: Brothers Proper

8/10: Rae of Light

8/17: Bronk Brothers

8/24: OOFB

8/31: Alex Mays


9/7: Lukas Peterson

​9/14: TBD