Call us at 269-731-4911 or email to plan

your special event with us! 

From graduation dinners, wedding rehearsals, class reunions & more - we have the perfect spot for your group!

Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars! There’s some fun to be had!!

Join us for Bike Night every Thursday at 6 pm throughout the summer!

(Starting May 20!)

Jeep Night!

​Every first Wednesday of the month at 6pm starting May 5!

​Upcoming Live Entertainment!!!!


July 1: Mike McIntosh (outside) 6-9pm

July 2: Formal Invitation 7-10pm

July 3-4: CLOSED

July 7: JEEP NIGHT ('Merica) Somebody's Friends

(outside) 6-9pm

July 8: Kyle Jennings (outside) 6-9pm

July 9: Trixy Tang 9-1am ($5 cover)

July 10: Tom Askey 9-1am

July 15: Bronk Bros (outside) 6-9pm

July 16 Brothers Proper 8-12pm

July 17: Out Of Favor Boys 9-1am

July 22: Rae of Light (outside) 6-9pm

July 23: Rotations 9-1am

July 24: Somebody's Friends 9-1am

July 29: Crazy Mic Duo (outside) 6-9pm

July 30: Tony & Doug 9-1am

July 31: Bronk Bros 9-1am


August 4: JEEP NIGHT

August 5: Tom Askey (outside) 6-9pm
August 6: Crazy Mic Duo 9-1am

August 7: Chameleon 9-1am

August 12: Alex Mays (outside) 6-9pm

August 13: TYPO 9-1am

August 14: TYPO 9-1am

August 19: Bronx Bros (outside) 6-9pm

August 20: Chameleon 9-1am

August 21: Hair Mania 9-1am ($5 cover)

August 26: TBD (outside) 6-9pm

August 27: Decades 9-1am

August 28: TBD 9-1am