​May 18th (First Bike Night) ~ Break 30

May 19th ~ Plain Jayne

May 20th ~ Megan Rae Band

May 25th (Bike Night) ~ Bronk Brother Duo

May 26th ~ Erika Scherry

May 27th ~ Trilogy

June 1st (Bike Night) ~ Shelagh & RObbie

June 2nd~ Crazy MIC

June 3rd ~ Hair Mania

June 8th (Bike Night) ~ Nathan Douglas

June 9th ~ Shelagh Brown Band

June 10th ~ Jarod Knox Band

June 15th (Bike Night) ~ Allie Garland

June 16th ~ Astro Jackson

June 17th ~ DC-90

June 22nd (Bike Night) ~ Free Beer Duo

June 23rd ~ TYPO

June 24th (Pirate Day) ~ TYPO

June 29th (Bike Night) ~ Kari Holmes Duo

June 30th ~ Tony Fields & Doug Decker

July 1st ~ The Rock Show

July 6th (Bike Night) ~ Shelby Lentz

July 7th ~ TBA

July 8th ~ Drop 35

July 13th (Bike Night) ~ TBA

July 14th ~ TBA

July 15th ~ Kari Holmes & The Modern Day Drifters

July 20th (Bike Night) ~ Bronk Brother Duo

July 21st ~ Kathy Ford Band

July 22nd ~ TBA

July 27th (Bike Night) ~ Kyle Jennings

July 28th ~ Plain Jayne

July 29th ~ Hair Mania

August 3rd (Bike Night) ~ TBA

August 4th ~ DC-90

August 5th ~ Megan Rae Band

August 10th (Bike Night) ~ TBA

August 11th ~ TBA

August 12th ~ Tony Fields & Doug Decker

August 17th (Bike Night) ~ Shelagh & Robbie

August 18th ~ Erika Scherry

August 19th ~ Brian Lorente

August 24th (Bike Night) ~ Kari Holmes Duo

August 25th ~ TYPO

August 26th ~ TYPO

August 31st (Bike Night) ~ TBA

September 1st ~ DC-90

September 2nd ~ TBA

September 8th ~ Kit LeBlanc & Paul Freeburn

September 9th ~ Drop 35

Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars! There’s some fun to be had!!

Call us at 269-731-4911 or 269-598-8277 to plan your special event.

Join us for Bike Night every Thursday 6-9 pm throughout the summer!